Facts about Wilson, NC

If your from Wilson, NC then you know how small it can be and some times seem as if there isn’t much to do. This site is about the facts of Wilson, NC and its origins

wilson nc

Louis Dicken Wilson

Wilson North Carolina was founded about 170 years ago. January 29th 1849 after a man named Louis Dicken Wilson. He was a general in the U.S. Army and also served in different terms for Senate between 1814 and 1846. He died in his 50’s August 12th in 1847 and he was a democrat

Wilson NC

Everyone who is from North Carolina knows that we are primarily known for our tobacco growth. The city of Wilson has been named, “the Worlds greatest tobacco market”. There many industrial plants here some include: Tobacco process and Alliance One.

Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone Americas, which was previously called Firestone, is one of the biggest industrial plants in Wilson, NC. They employ over 1,800 people, and manufacture tires for cars and small trucks. Bridgestone Americas is one of the highest paying jobs without a certified trade in Wilson.


Wilson NC is also the birthplace of branch banking and trust company (BB&T). The City of Wilson is the main city in Wilson County, and is about 40 miles from the Capital of the state which is Raleigh, NC

The City Of Wilson

wilson, nc

Wilson is a fairly small city with a square mile of only 23.3. There are a few towns that surround Wilson that are also considered Wilson County, these towns include:

  • Blackcreek
  • Old fields
  • Stantonburg
  • lucama
  • Taylor
  • Wilson

Wilson has a steady growing population rate, and in size it is ranked no. 18 compared to the other municipalities in North Carolina. The population in Wilson County has increased 46% between 1999 and 2018 and is steadily growing. There are theories that the population rate is due to the new residential and successful business owners such as a Bail Bond Service that have decided to invest in this town and set up shop.


facts about wilson nc

Wilson County is unique in many ways and one of these ways includes there very own cable company called Greenlight which was founded in 2008. Greenlight serves about 78% of Wilsontionians and it continues to rise.

Wilson Tobbs

wilson tobbs baseball team

Wilson is also well known for there baseball team called Wilson Tobbs. They were incorporated in 1997, and they have their very own stadium called Flemming Stadium. Most local news can be found in their local newspaper “The Wilson Daily Times” where you can learn about all the great people of this town. There have been many famous people that have come from Wilson NC a few include:

  • Red Barett- National Baseball player
  • Glenn Bass- Pro Football player
  • Hunter Bell- Actor
  • Freddie Bynum- pro Baseball player
  • Walt Mckeel- Pro Baseball player
  • Vance Page- Pro Baseball player
  • Julius Peppers- Pro Football
  • Gregerory Walcott- Actor
  • Ben Flowers- Pro Baseball player
  • Martha Hunt- American Fashion Model
  • Izel Jenkins- Pro Football player
  • Ike Lassiter- Pro Football player
  • Miguel A. Nunez- Actor
  • Stan Parten Heimer- Pro Baseball player
  • Randy Renfrow- Nascar driver

I hope you have enjoyed these facts about Wilson, NC One of my hobbies are finding the newest news and events in my local town. This is a nice place to visit and is unique in many ways. Be sure to visit our whirligig festival, there are live bands, souvenirs and food.

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